“The Crossover” – Watch Blake Griffin hit the track with Carmelita Jeter

Last week, we saw Blake Griffin try his hand at handball. This week, the big guy hits the track to train with American sprinter Carmelita Jeter.

Since most track and field athletes don’t stand 6-foot-10 and 251 pounds, it’s hard for Griffin not to stand out. That’s exactly what he did while cross-training with Jeter in the second episode of “The Crossover.”

“The Crossover” is a new Web series featuring Griffin, a forward on the Los Angeles Clippers, trying his hand at different sports and exploring all his training options in order to reach his goals.

Griffin and Jeter worked on sprinting technique, starts and fast-twitch explosion at a Los Angeles track. These are things Jeter knows well. She is a world champion in the 100-meter dash and three-time Olympic medalist.

Jeter didn’t hold back as she challenged the NBA star’s aerobic strength, sprinting power, basic running technique and muscle memory. Knees up. Arms swinging from chin to pocket. Eyes level.

“Stay tall! Stay tall!” the 5-foot-4 Jeter instructed Griffin. “You’ve got to stay tall, because once you bend over, you’ve already collapsed.”

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