Sport Techie | Carmelita Jeter Honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month With B4BC App

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month upon us, many are turning their focus to their loved ones who may have been affected by the disease. One of these people is three-time Olympic medalist Carmelita Jeter, who is the fastest woman alive to run the 100 meters. Her aunt and cousins were taken by breast cancer.

“Was (breast cancer awareness) important for me before it touched home? Not really,” Jeter said. “Sometimes we don’t get involved unless we personally experience it. Because I can say I personally experienced it, it touches me.”

A sprinter and second-fastest woman ever, Jeter has gotten involved by participating in a race held by the Susan G. Komen organization in which she was the Official Stater and being a Circle of Promise Ambassador.

Jeter, 36, also supports Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC), which offers a free mobile app that highlights breast cancer prevention.

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