Rolling Out | 5 Life Lessons From The Fastest Woman In The World, Carmelita Jeter

It didn’t take a miracle for sprinter Carmelita Jeter to become a three-time Olympic medalist. But it was a matter of applying the right rules.

Before taking the 2012 Olympics by storm winning three medals, and before she became “the fastest woman in the world” by winning the Shanghai Golden Grand Prix 100-meter race in 10.64 seconds, Jeter was a teen who moved fast on her high school basketball team. Her coach convinced her to take a shot at track and field, and she’s been racing ever since. Throughout her journey training hard and winning competitions, the 36-year-old had endured many trials that almost pushed her to the point of hanging up her running shoes, including ageism and career-threatening injuries. But she applied a few vital lessons that kept her from quitting. In fact, these tips can be applied to not just track, but any aspect of life.

Jeter took a break from preparing to qualify for the 2016 Olympic team to give us some insight on what she did to become a history-making champ. Here are five profound lessons Jeter’s journey in track can teach us about life.

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