Dandelion Moms: Fastest Woman Alive: Carmelita Jeter Supports the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

Dandelion Moms | September 17,2014



Most of us have been affected in some form or another by cancer directly or had friends and family members affected.   My mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the young age of 48 and I saw firsthand what a person fighting for their life looks like. The fear and pain that they have to go through is tremendous and it takes a community of caring people to help get them through it.  The Susan G. Komen organization has been around since 1982 and was created by Nancy G. Brinker as a promise to her dying sister, Susan G. Komen, that she would continue the fight to end breast cancer.  Today, with over 120 affiliates in the United States and abroad, their upcoming Race for the Cure is their largest fundraiser of the year.  This money is used throughout the year to offer free services for women who might not have access to these services.  And they provide educational and support for those in the midst of fighting breast cancer as well as support for their families.

This year, Carmelita Jeter, labeled the Fastest Woman Alive, will be the Official Starter of the race that will be held at Fashion Island in Newport Beach.  She was part of the U.S Women’s 4×100 Meter Relay Team that won Gold in the London 2012 Olympics and broke a World Record!  I had a chance to speak to Carmelita about her role as their Circle of Promise Ambassador and what she hopes to see happen with her involvement.  And she gives a special message just for our lovely dandelion moms!

Carmelita at Komen

Tell us how the collaboration to team up with the Susan G. Komen came about.

Breast Cancer is a cause close to my heart as both my aunt and cousin passed from the disease. I’ve been working with Susan G Komen for years, participating in their annual Race for a Cure event in LA.  This year I wanted to increase my participation with the organization on a state and national level.  I was recently asked to become the Ambassador for the California Circle of Promise Initiative to raise awareness for African American Women and Breast Cancer, and as part of that, I am able to participate in more events around California like the Orange County Race for Cure.

What would you like to see get accomplished with your collaboration with Susan G. Komen Orange County?

I would like to see more women come out and get tested, and to see the numbers for mammogram testing increase because of my participation with Susan G Komen. I would also like to bring awareness to Susan G Komen and breast cancer to all age groups.

Can you describe the emotions you felt when you realized the U.S. Women 4×100-Meter Relay Team won Gold but also broke the World Record time?

You can literally see my emotion in any video from that race.  I was extremely excited and extremely overwhelmed with joy. We broke a record that they said could never happen. I felt extremely accomplished. This was the first time that a team of four women went out and accomplished such a feat.

How does it feel to be labeled the Fastest Woman Alive?

Honestly, sometimes I forget and it takes other people to remind me that I am.

What has driven you to become the runner that you are – was there someone in your life who has inspired you?

My drive started in high school when I was determined to receive a track scholarship in college. Once I got into college and saw professional runners running, my motivation turned to becoming a professional runner and ultimately go to the Olympics.  There was not just one person that inspired me. There were a number of people that inspired me – my family, my coach, and the people that people don’t think about – my neighbors from my neighborhood.

Any news you want to share with our lovely dandelion moms?

Being a mother is a great accomplishment and the biggest job. I think mothers are not praised enough. One day out of the year is not enough for all the work you do.  You guys train for the Olympics all year and do not receive any medals. I am inspired by you.

Thank you so much for your time Carmelita and for your involvement with the Susan G. Komen Foundation!  You are doing great work that will help and affect thousands of women and their families!

Wearing my pink tutu in support of the Race for the Cure!

About the Orange County Susan G. Komen Foundation:

The Susan G. Komen Promise:  To save lives and end breast cancer forever by empowering people, ensuring quality care for all and energizing science to find cures.

Through events like the Komen Orange County Race for the Cure, Susan G. Komen Orange has invested $35 million in breast health programs to help reach uninsured and underserved women in the community.  Our local commitment is 75% of the funds raised stay in Orange County for local breast health outreach, education and special initiatives, and two community-based grants programs to engage other local organizations.  The remaining 25% goes to the Komen Global Research Fund.

And a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the Komen Orange County Susan G. Komen – they recently Won Affiliate of the Year!  They were name Affiliate of the Year at the national breast cancer organization’s annual Komen Leadership Conference in Fort Worth, Texas.  Out of 120 affiliates in the United States and Europe, Komen Orange County was ranked first for exhibiting the best overall effort in advancing the Komen vision and promise to end breast cancer forever. There is still time to sign up and you can read more about the organization here.

Join today in the fight against breast cancer!  Read more here.

Here’s to winning this battle against cancer!

Good news!  In support of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Carmelita is offering a signed photograph for one our lovely dandelion moms!  Good luck!

Carmelita Autograph

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